Rainbows for God

Paul Abbott, Rainbows for God, world music, native american flute, handpan, cajon, sounds from nature, frame drum, marimba, udu, clay pot, djembe, ghatam, singing bowl, maracas

Inspired by Ethnic Fusion/World music as well as Native American style flute, this multi-instrumental album was produced to invoke a wide range of emotions. From singular contemplative passages to almost raucous instrumental indulgences utilizing beguiling melodic scales with rich harmonic overtones overlaid onto a bed of enchanting world beats. All instruments played, written, produced and engineered by yours truly. That's whatcha gotta do during a pandemic. There is something for most everyone: hook-laden melodies, meditative chill ambience, moody shadow background as well as upbeat, toe-tapping intentional music.

I am thrilled to announce that "Rainbows for God" received this award in the Emerging Artist category, check out www.globalmusicawards.com

Rainbows for God


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Native American style flute based Ethnic Fusion/World music.

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About Spandamana

Welcome to the home of Spandamana, a world music project from North Texas. So far it's just one guy (Due to pandemic) that's been playing for 40+ years, singing for a lot more than that. The first instrument I learned was guitar and  picked up a lot of other instruments along the way since then so my collection just keeps growing. I have played in many different bands and many solo iterations over the years touring regionally. Many years ago, while attending the Southwest Indian Market and Art Festival, I met Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes who introduced me to the ways of the Native American flute so endless gratitude goes out to Brent for getting me started. An avid hiker, you may catch me backpacking with my flutes across the southwest where I get a great amount of musical inspiration. Currently playing and singing in church where our music director is a world class pianist. I Picked up a lot of ideas while traveling the world in the Armed Service. Graduated from the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco. Much of the music you will hear is inspired by ASMR phenomenon. Over 200 songs written, my influences come from every corner of the world: Native American, New age, Ambient music, Folk, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Romantic Classical, Country, Alternative, World, including local drum circles. I can't just focus on any one genre. There is so much good music from all around the world, as infinite as God is. There's where Spandamana comes in. It's a Sanskrit term roughly translated means: The primordial universal sound which vibrates forever and ever.  -Paul Abbott

Sample Video

Native American Flute is easy and fun to learn and lessons are available on request for folks around the DFW area, most people play right handed but I play left handed so it makes easy for even beginning students to see what's going on as they see a mirror image of techniques involved: Send message to Spandamana on Facebook.

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